watt powell park in a sentence

  1. Watt Powell Park held 4, 474 people, and was known for the scenic view of nearby hillsides.
  2. Watt Powell Park closed in 2005 after the opening of Appalachian Power Park in Charleston's East End, near downtown.
  3. Watt Powell Park was bounded by MacCorkle Avenue on the front ( North ) side, 35th Street on the east, and South Park Road on the west.
  4. The Power now plays its home games in Appalachian Power Park at the east edge of downtown Charleston, a little more than a mile across the Kanawha River from the former site of Watt Powell Park.
  5. The 2002 and 2014 Redskin baseball team won the AAA Baseball State Championship at Watt Powell Park and Appalachian Power Park, respectively, in Charleston and the 2007 and the 2008 golf teams won the AAA State Championship for Hurricane.
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  7. The city's share came mostly from the sale of Watt Powell Park to the nearby University of Charleston, which immediately sold two-thirds of the land to Charleston Area Medical Center, the region's largest hospital.
  8. The stadium previously housed a seasonal and special events restaurant called the " Power Alley Bar and Grill " that featured food, indoor and outside seating, a full size bar, and pictures and memorabilia from Watt Powell Park and famous former players.
  9. Billy Bob and Rowdy Alley are carryovers from Watt Powell Park and they have been razzing the opposing team since the early Charleston Alley Cats days . A night doesn't go by without hearing what can only be described as a Billy Bob Cackle when an opposing player strikes out.

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