wagon in a sentence

"wagon" meaning  "wagon" in Chinese  
  1. The obligatory picture of such a wagon appeared on the screen.
  2. Little said as he replaced a tire on his farm wagon.
  3. The only horse in this one is pulling a milk wagon.
  4. They're what distinguish it from earlier, heavier wagons.
  5. In the corridors, his fellow senators were circling the wagons.
  6. It's difficult to find wagon in a sentence.
  7. We're starting to climb off that wagon ."
  8. We want tractors and trucks to pull wagons, not people.
  9. The box, or bed of the wagon, is new.
  10. My grandparents and my parents came here in a covered wagon,
  11. "You may need wagons, " he said.
  12. The velocipede had wagon wheels and leaf springs under the seat.
  13. The Overland Steam Wagon was junked on a lot in Atchison.
  14. This year, new events will include an organized wagon arrival.
  15. He also left his Nissan station wagon, with the keys.
  16. (italics ) Here's Mother Courage and her wagon!
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