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  1. Unusually for Cornwall there is a clerestory; the wagon roofs are old.
  2. Internally, the nave has a hammer beam roof and the chancel a wagon roof.
  3. The font is Norman and the original wagon roofs remain.
  4. Cast iron pillars support the brickwork and wagon roof.
  5. The church was heavily modified in the 19th century, but the carved wagon roof remains.
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  7. The ceiled wagon roof is tiled in Cotswold stone.
  8. The truss had slots for the panels of a boarded ceiling ( a wagon roof ).
  9. Wagon roofs often survive in these churches.
  10. There are wagon roofs, galleries in both the north and south aisles, and a circular Norman font.
  11. The vestry was added in 1872, when a major Victorian restoration was undertaken, and the wagon roof replaced.
  12. The nave has a wagon roof.
  13. Features of interest are a Carminow tomb of the 13th century, the Vyvyan monuments, the squint and the wagon roof.
  14. Internally the roof dates from the 15th century; it is a continuous open wagon roof and contains oak blind arcarding.
  15. Throughout the church there are wagon roofs, plastered in the nave and aisles and ornately painted in the chancel and transepts.
  16. Notable features include the fine Norman font, the rood screen ( the finest in north Devon ) and the old wagon roofs.
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