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  1. Downstream, the Lowman Crossover and White Wagon bridges were washed out.
  2. It even has weirs from the 19th century some created by wagon bridges.
  3. On December 30 he destroyed railroad and wagon bridges at Union and Carter's Depot, Tennessee.
  4. The first wagon bridge across the Cimarron River was built during the summer of 1891.
  5. Finally reaching his objective of Brier Creek, Kilpatrick burned the rail and wagon bridges and withdrew.
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  7. Until 1952 the Second Street Bridge ( also called the " Wagon Bridge " ) stood next to this building.
  8. Schofield needed time to repair the permanent bridges spanning the river a burned wagon bridge and an intact railroad bridge.
  9. They were able to preserve the wagon bridge for passage of the II Corps in their pursuit of Gordon, Anderson and Mahone.
  10. They crossed the lower wagon bridge to move on Lee's flank and forced the hungry Confederates to resume their retreat before re-provisioning themselves.
  11. The Fredericton Bridge was a wooden pedestrian and wagon bridge commissioned in 1884 in order to connect the growing the communities along the river.
  12. The Range Line wagon bridge in Jump River was built in 1909 . It was wrecked by an ice jam in 1913 and repaired.
  13. He ordered his engineers to rebuild the wagon bridge and to lay planking over the undamaged railroad bridge to enable it to carry wagons and troops.
  14. From the stop at " Ballard Junction, " ( as the terminus was called ) passengers could walk across the wagon bridge and continue the journey to Seattle.
  15. From the heights we gazed at rafters and kayakers paddling past a line of stubby stone piers, the remains of rail and wagon bridges destroyed in the war.
  16. Until wagon bridges were built across the Little Miami River, settlement of Loveland was mostly confined to the Clermont County side, which had access to a railroad station.
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