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  1. Their flat ends were smaller than the flat sides of the wagon boiler and were rod stays.
  2. Cornish boilers had several advantages over the preceding wagon boilers : they were composed of mostly curved surfaces, better to resist the pressure.
  3. Its wagon boiler was also acquired by the museum but the engine is now displayed with a haystack boiler from another engine, similar to one believed to have been used originally.
  4. A particular reason for this was the so-far poor adoption of the Cornish boiler in the cotton mills of Lancashire, where the harder local coal couldn't be burned satisfactorily in the smaller furnace, in favour of the older low-pressure wagon boiler and its large grate.
  5. The mill contains a number of other steam powered exhibits, including a working Ashworth fire pump, already at Coldharbour, but repaired in 1984 with components from Bliss Mill; a very rare example of a low pressure wagon boiler dating from the late 1700s; and a ( non-operational ) steam powered flue fan.
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