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  1. The Berlina was available in both sedan and wagon body styles.
  2. For increased cargo capacity, a station wagon body style was offered from 1977.
  3. It was available in hatchback, sedan and wagon body styles.
  4. The vehicles went on sale in June 2012 in long station-wagon body style only.
  5. Starting in 1971, the AMI-built Matador was available in sedan and wagon body styles.
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  7. They were sold under the sedan ( saloon ) and station wagon body types.
  8. USHCO / USB & F built a small run of station wagon bodies for Willys.
  9. In the United Kingdom, the Cressida was available in both sedan and wagon body styles.
  10. However, some leftover 1961-model two-door wagon bodies were fitted with the new 1962 front clips.
  11. The Avant was discontinued, leaving the Allroad quattro as the only station wagon body style.
  12. The E91 wagon body style is known as the 3 Series Touring or Sports Wagon.
  13. The Avant has the kind of styling that accentuates its station-wagon body rather than hiding it.
  14. Apart from a sedan and wagon body style, 1965 saw the introduction of a commercial Charger.
  15. In 1935, Chevrolet introduced the Chevy Suburban, with an all-steel station-wagon body on a commercial-truck chassis.
  16. All new was an Estate wagon body style.
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