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  1. Labor unions have typically been making wage concessions as companies downsize.
  2. Then in 1996, the three-year wage concessions ended.
  3. But Creighton should not expect any wage concessions, she said.
  4. It has wrangled wage concession agreements with four of six unions.
  5. The company said it needed the wage concessions to stay afloat.
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  7. The carrier's three largest unions have rejected any wage concessions.
  8. It calls for $ 1 billion in annual wage concessions.
  9. United Airlines traded equity for wage concessions in 1994.
  10. It is seeking deep wage concessions from pilots as part of its recovery.
  11. The message here is a focus more on productivity rather than simple wage concessions,
  12. But wage concessions have not been ruled out.
  13. Creighton had said United would apply if it got wage concessions from its employees.
  14. The slowdown in benefit costs enables employers to be more generous in their wage concessions.
  15. We may need wage concessions by everyone.
  16. They have not agreed to wage concessions.
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