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  1. Can I file an unpaid-wages claim for those five days of pay?
  2. "Certainly, current conditions in manufacturing are not conducive to wage claims, " he said.
  3. That prompted concern labor unions will pursue higher wage claims.
  4. California law prohibits employers from firing or penalizing workers who have filed wage claims.
  5. Six workers have filed state wage claims against the company worth $ 8, 244.
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  7. The wage claim was arbitrated by the Industrial Court.
  8. "Nobody's put such a high wage claim on the table in nearly 30 years ."
  9. On Wednesday, unions from the maritime, oil, storage and public sector added its own wage claims.
  10. And you should present your case as a breach of contract rather than a wage claim.
  11. That court denied back-wage claims of 21 Jewish women who had already received postwar government compensation.
  12. The unions will also be looking at part-time wages during the second stage of its wage claim.
  13. No government with inflation at around 2 percent could yield to a wage claim of 40 percent,
  14. The government's arguing against the claim before the Industrial Relations Commission, an independent arbiter of wage claims.
  15. But it refuses to accept individual wage claims by slave workers, who were technically working for private companies.
  16. But outgoing Chancellor Helmut Kohl had rejected any government involvement, saying companies are responsible for back wage claims.
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