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  1. Sedimentary volcanogenic series spread out in the south-western region.
  2. These vents are forming volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits on the ocean floor.
  3. The volcanogenic material was metamorphosed to leptynites and amphibolites.
  4. However, there is evidence that the sulfide mineralization does not have a volcanogenic origin.
  5. The Murihiku Terrane is considered to be an accretionary wedge of mainly volcanogenic forearc sediments.
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  7. Footwall rocks are volcanogenic massive sulfides.
  8. In particular, he was one of the founders of the theory of volcanogenic-sedimentary lithogenesis.
  9. Minerals present in a hydrothermal system or a fossil volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit are deposited passively or reactively.
  10. The deposit is classified as a volcanogenic-sedimentary borate deposit with Studenica cloister near the discovery location.
  11. Mining operations in 2016 have taken advantage of the volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits ( VMS ) around Maim髇.
  12. The complex is built on partly sedimentary rock and partly volcanogenic Late Cretaceous and Eocene series with Paleogene intrusions.
  13. Henrietta Island consists of folded Middle Paleozoic basaltic lava and proximal volcanogenic turbidites overlain by Cenozoic clastic sedimentary rocks.
  14. "' Bursaite "'is a volcanogenic because it is generally aggregated with other minerals under intense heating.
  15. Chalcopyrite is present in volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits and sedimentary exhalative deposits, formed by deposition of copper during hydrothermal circulation.
  16. In the troposphere, the picture is less clear but a significant part of the global tropospheric sulfate burden may be volcanogenic.
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