volcanoes on mars in a sentence

  1. The largest and most conspicuous volcanoes on Mars occur in Tharsis and Elysium regions.
  2. By Hesperian times, all of the large shield volcanoes on Mars, including Olympus Mons, had begun to form.
  3. Geologists think one of the reasons that volcanoes on Mars are able to grow so large is because Mars lacks plate tectonics.
  4. The processes which created the mammoth volcanoes on Mars ended millennia ago, leaving Mars dead and inactive for perhaps as long as 10 million years.
  5. Historically, the term patera has been used to describe the entire edifice of certain volcanoes on Mars ( e . g ., Alba Patera ).
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  7. In 1954 he proposed the theory that there are volcanoes on Mars and that their eruptions change the albedo features called " mare " ( The martian equivalent of Lunar mare ).
  8. :: : : I addressed the issue of volcanism, and note the volcanoes on Mars are all shield volcanoes ( like Hawaii ), and thus are not dependent on plate tectonics.

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