volcanoes on io in a sentence

  1. That change started to happen with Voyager, as we saw volcanoes on Io.
  2. She discovered 71 volcanoes on Io that had never before been detected as active.
  3. The spacecraft also kept tabs on some of the dozens of hot, active volcanoes on Io.
  4. Using instruments orbiting Jupiter on the Galileo spacecraft, researchers calculated the temperature of lava spewing from volcanoes on Io.
  5. Volcanoes on Io, it turns out, have the highest recorded surface temperatures of any planetary body in our solar system.
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  7. Together, the Voyagers observed the eruption of nine volcanoes on Io, and there is evidence that other eruptions occurred between the two Voyager fly-bys.
  8. Together, the " Voyagers " recorded the eruption of nine volcanoes on Io, as well as evidence for other eruptions occurring between the Voyager encounters.
  9. The probe's cameras measured plasma output from volcanoes on Io and studied all four Galilean moons in detail, as well as making long-distance observations of the outer moons Elara.
  10. _Galileo : This probe spent last year studying Jupiter's moons, spotting active volcanoes on Io, an icy, salty ocean on Europa, and a magnetic field that emanates from Ganymede.
  11. Later photographs of Io by the Hubble Space Telescope and from the ground also showed volcanoes on Io's surface, and they were extensively studied and photographed by the Galileo orbiter of Jupiter from 1995-2003.
  12. Researchers in Germany and Norway, analyzing data from the Galileo spacecraft, which has been orbiting Jupiter since 1995, have determined that volcanoes on Io are the source of streams of dust that flow from the area of Jupiter into the rest of the solar system.
  13. Although the extreme radiation environment around Jupiter continues to batter the $ 1.4 billion spacecraft, causing almost regular glitches, scientists hope it will give them a few final peeks at the volcanoes on Io and allow them to estimate the mass and density of Amalthea.
  14. Galileo has transmitted stunning pictures of the more than 100 erupting volcanoes on Io, and clear evidence that Ganymede is the only moon in the solar system to have its own magnetic field, and data showing that an ocean may lurk below Callisto's surface ice and, even more likely, in the depths of Europa.

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