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  1. Two volcanoes erupted during the summer of 2008 on the eastern Aleutian Islands.
  2. A chain of volcanoes erupted along the mountain range.
  3. The volcanoes erupted voluminous and long lava flows, grouped in three age-based stages of varying age and conservation.
  4. In addition, about 30 smaller volcanoes erupted basaltic lavas in the larger region surrounding the Lassen volcanic center.
  5. Two volcanoes erupted on eastern Russia's sparsely populated Kamchatka Peninsula, spewing ash high into the air, a news agency said Friday.
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  7. Hirano et al ., ( 2006 ) proposed that these small volcanoes erupted along lithospheric fractures in response to plate flexure during subduction.
  8. One of Japan's most active volcanoes erupted twice Monday, spewing ash and smoke on a small, sparsely populated island but causing no injuries or damage, officials said.
  9. After rumbling for five months, one of the Philippines'most active volcanoes erupted Sunday in fountains of bright red lava and towering clouds of ash as car-sized boulders tumbled down its slopes.
  10. Research published in 2016 indicated that the uplift has been ongoing since at least 400, 000 years, based on the deformation of lava flows and volcanoes erupted within this time period.
  11. Starting 20 million years ago ( in the Cenozoic ) and lasting until 5 million years ago, a now-extinct extension of Cascade Range volcanoes erupted, bringing large amounts of igneous material in the area.
  12. At Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico, where volcanoes erupted 180, 000 years ago, the Indians of the Rio Grande Valley have carved more than 15, 000 petroglyphs, or pictures, into the volc ` nic rock.
  13. "This is a case where the fishes and their ancestors can teach the geologists a lot about the way continents were formed and volcanoes erupted a long, long time ago, " said McCosker, of the Academy of Sciences.
  14. Does anyone know of places in America and Mexico where volcanoes erupted and destroyed the land that was once maybe forests but now just barren ( or changed the land ), like it did in the Virgin Valley in Nevada?
  15. It seems likely that the present hydrological system was extablished quite recently when the still-active Virunga volcanoes erupted and blocked the northward flow of water from Lake Kivu into Lake Edward, causing it instead to discharge southward into Lake Tanganyika through the Ruzizi River.

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