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  1. Existence of charcoal fragments in sedimentary basaltic volcanoclastic rock and its implication in geology , in longtan formation of southwesten guizhou
  2. Was made up of thick neutral and basic volcanics , volcanoclastic rocks and few normal sedimentary rocks . the sedimentary rocks of tiaohu fm . were mainly composed of terreverte or mauve mudstone , sandstone and glutenite
  3. Permian series distributed widely in the baisin . lower permian series was composed of acid , neutral , and basic volcanics , subvolcanic rocks , volcanoclastic rocks and few normal sedimentary rocks . from western to eastern , the volcanics transited from acid volcanics to neutral and basic volcanics
  4. The study shows that cretaceous volcanics mainly consist of medium acidic volcanic lava and volcanoclastic rocks , with locally developed basic lava ; medium acidic volcanics mainly consists of calc - alkalic series , was formed in compressive orogenic environment , and has good reservoir property , while cretaceous basis lava mainly consists of alkalic series , was formed in rift environment , and has poor reservoir property
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