volcano village in a sentence

  1. He lived near Volcano Village, just outside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, until 2005.
  2. Tours leave daily at 9 a . m . from Volcano Village, just outside the park.
  3. Just outside the park, Volcano Village, a flower-filled town in a tropical rain forest, offers several good places to stay.
  4. The Volcano House still provides the nearest lodging, and the nearby Volcano Village the most numerous; visitors associated with the military can find lodging at the Kilauea Military Camp.
  5. I slept that night in Hilo with visions of calatheas dancing in my head, awoke to a perfect double rainbow over Hilo Bay, dallied the morning away amid the flower and fruit stands at the downtown farmer's market and went on to the Nani Mau Gardens, about five miles out of Hilo off Highway 11 ( on the way to Volcano Village ).
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