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  1. He is the co-editor of the Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions.
  2. Studies prove visual illusions that involve perception more so have considerable results on action.
  3. He hires big-epic movie producer Hoffman to create the visual illusion of a war.
  4. Gordon thrives on visual illusions, I discovered from the program.
  5. This typical visual illusion also occurs in touch and with an auditory-to-visual sensory-substitution device.
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  7. Etiologies associated with pathological visual illusions include multiple types of head trauma, and prescription drugs.
  8. Complex ( formed ) visual hallucinations are more worrisome than simple visual hallucinations or visual illusions.
  9. Michael Faraday also began to experiment with visual illusions at this time, creating a revolving wheel.
  10. If the visual illusions are diffuse and persistent, they often affect the patient's quality of life.
  11. The reason why this visual illusion occurs is because of very small movements of the eyes.
  12. In 1905, Carr defended his dissertation : " A visual illusion of motion during eye closure ."
  13. The latter has been shown to be untrue in some cases, such as with many visual illusions ( ex.
  14. "' Complex visual hallucinations, visual illusions and other symptoms resulting from more anterior ictal spreading "'rarely occur from the start.
  15. The clinical characteristics that separate illusory from hallucinatory palinopsia also help differentiate and assess risk in visual illusions and hallucinations.
  16. One would also add that it is the tantalising effects of visual illusion from a distance which completes the picture.
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