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  1. Overall a person with parietal brain damage still has intact visual fields.
  2. Information from the right visual field is transmitted to the left hemisphere.
  3. This patient experienced an inability to perceive simultaneous events in her visual field.
  4. All visual field locations are stimulated in parallel with their individual stimulus sequence.
  5. In vision, the fixation, only registering a small part of the visual field.
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  7. One degree on the visual field represents four cycles on the wave pattern.
  8. As expected, visual field testing in cone dystrophy usually reveals a central scotoma.
  9. Foveated imaging has been used to simulate visual fields with arbitrary spatial resolution.
  10. The visual field is typically counterbalanced within subjects across trials or experimental blocks.
  11. A scar in the central visual field would be more debilitating.
  12. They are simply regions of reduced information within the visual field.
  13. In this way, kinetic perimetry is useful for mapping visual field sensitivity boundaries.
  14. ?Vision  Information from one visual field travels to the contralateral hemisphere.
  15. Polyopic images often form in the direction and position of such visual field defects.
  16. Consequently, the visual fields of the two eyes appear tilted relative to each other.
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