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  1. But his most serious weaknesses are less tangible and more visceral.
  2. They are experts at creating scenes of visceral, exciting action.
  3. They deserved better than to be accused of mindless visceral reflex.
  4. It's personal and it's visceral ."
  5. But the cartoony transplants remind us how visceral movies can be.
  6. It's difficult to find visceral in a sentence.
  7. Still, there is a visceral fear that it just might.
  8. That visceral dislike has evaporated and that helps us a lot.
  9. His roots are literary and political rather than visual and visceral.
  10. What " The Fan " lacks is visceral impact.
  11. The very word grammar evokes a visceral response _ usually fear.
  12. As a boy, Myhrvold had a visceral affection for dinosaurs.
  13. Her next two roles, however, are not as visceral.
  14. She was shocked by its raw, visceral power and violence.
  15. But when I read the script I had a visceral response.
  16. Despite its overt playfulness, drag elicits strong, visceral responses.
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