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  1. It has also shown some promise in the treatment of visceral pain.
  2. True visceral pain is characterized as a vague, diffuse, and poorly defined sensation.
  3. The intensity of visceral pain felt has no relationship to the extent of internal injury.
  4. Symptomatic treatment of visceral pain relies primarily upon pharmacotherapy.
  5. As visceral pain changes in nature as it progresses.
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  7. Visceral pain should be suspected when vague midline sensations of malaise are reported by a patient.
  8. Thus, the T-type channel mutant mouse lacking this block showed an enhanced response to visceral pain.
  9. "' YM-31636 "'is a potent and selective visceral pain threshold, or increase the intensity of visceral pain.
  10. "' YM-31636 "'is a potent and selective visceral pain threshold, or increase the intensity of visceral pain.
  11. His research is largely known for Cardiac Pain and other Visceral Pain Mechanism and as well as cloning.
  12. Additional functions of the gracile fasciculus include carrying deep touch, vibrational, and visceral pain information to the brainstem.
  13. Furthermore, recently it was shown that TRPM8 antagonists are effective in reversing established pain in neuropathic and visceral pain models.
  14. "' Visceral hypersensitivity "'is a term used to describe hypersensitive visceral pain perception, which is commonly experienced by individuals with functional gastrointestinal disorders.
  15. Those with irritable bowel syndrome have abnormal processing of visceral pain in the insular cortex related to dysfunctional inhibition of pain within the brain.
  16. Visceral pain conditions are associated with diminished quality of life, and exert a huge cost burden through medical expenses and lost productivity in the workplace.
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