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  1. It's the 24-hour theater of munching visages.
  2. And there are those who want his visage on the holiday.
  3. Bush has nominated minorities to positions Clinton filled with paler visages.
  4. At La Bella Visage, margarita pedicures are on the list.
  5. And that visage, Matthews despairs, is often a mess.
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  7. Gena later appears as a visage to Ivan and other characters.
  8. Ure also played an acoustic set of Ultravox and Visage songs.
  9. Visage Technologies AB was founded in Link鰌ing, Sweden in 2002.
  10. But the others do not have sunny visions or visages.
  11. It accents what he needs least : a dark visage.
  12. The visage of Elizabeth II adorns stamps, coins and government offices.
  13. Despite his often grim visage, is he enjoying his farewell tour?
  14. Then the familiar visages of his classmates emerged from the chemical wash.
  15. Consider that his visage adorns all 417 magnetic rooms keys.
  16. His scowling visage was plastered everywhere but the post office.
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