vindictiveness in a sentence

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  1. This often translates into rudeness and even vindictiveness, Farris acknowledged.
  2. The complaints ranged from inconsistent treatment to unreasonable demands to vindictiveness.
  3. There is no limit to his vindictiveness, despite his age.
  4. This user has engaged in extensive and constant attacks and vindictiveness.
  5. It's a long story of greed and vindictiveness.
  6. It's difficult to find vindictiveness in a sentence.
  7. Thoroughness, as opposed to vindictiveness, is the watchword.
  8. But in Philadelphia, where vindictiveness has a season ticket?
  9. The vindictiveness, at least, has been undisguised from the start.
  10. _The first-degree murder complaint was motivated by prosecutorial vindictiveness.
  11. Eminem can't hold back his arrogance or vindictiveness.
  12. He has accused Ms . Bhutto of corruption, incompetence and vindictiveness.
  13. It is either vindictiveness ( by the government ) or sheer incompetence.
  14. It is pure vindictiveness, and not against vandals or even socks.
  15. Decisions are sometimes made with some vindictiveness to them.
  16. We will not go in for vindictiveness or revenge,
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