vindictive in a sentence

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  1. To others he is stiff and formal, and sometimes vindictive.
  2. But he is a practical man and he is not vindictive.
  3. It is vindictive, petty and it is not called for.
  4. Caterpillar's stance toward the union borders on the vindictive.
  5. Equally cruel and vindictive acts animate other stories in this volume.
  6. It's difficult to find vindictive in a sentence.
  7. Giuliani is widely seen as tyrannical, vindictive and often cruel.
  8. "I'm not a vindictive person ."
  9. Irish activists complain that Britain's hard line is vindictive.
  10. He genially claims that he's not a vindictive man.
  11. "vindictive " and " dangerous ."
  12. The Europeans find little to gain by being obstructive or vindictive.
  13. He is very vindictive and perverse in his temper and conduct.
  14. Others have financial, religious, political, or vindictive motives.
  15. Meanwhile, though, Yang was also said to be vindictive.
  16. I believe SlimVirgin's accusation is knowingly baseless and vindictive.
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