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  1. Hanc legem sequentes Christianorum catholicorum nomen iubemus amplecti, reliquos vero dementes vesanosque iudicantes haeretici dogmatis infamiam sustinere  nec conciliabula eorum ecclesiarum nomen accipere, divina primum vindicta, post etiam motus nostri, quem ex caelesti arbitro sumpserimus, ultione plectendos.
  2. About this time two requests were made to him for an edition of the " Moralia " of Plutarch, for which a recension of the tract " De sera numinis vindicta " had marked him out in the eyes of scholars.
  3. The siege described in the poem is that of 70 AD . The poem relies on a number of secondary sources including " Vindicta salvatoris ", Roger Argenteuil's " Bible en Fran鏾is ", Romans Vespasian and Titus for the death of Jesus Christ.
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