vindicianus in a sentence

  1. In 685 a certain Hatta was placed at its head by Vindicianus.
  2. In 673 Vindicianus supervised the translation of the body of St . Maxellende to Caudri.
  3. On the death of St . Aubert, Bishop of Cambrai-Arras ( about 668 ), Vindicianus was elected his successor.
  4. The author of the " Gesta episcoporum Cameracensium " ( written 1024 / 1025, but generally trustfull ) declares that he didn't know the duration of the episcopate of Vindicianus.
  5. His predecessor, St . Aubert, had founded the Monastery of St . Vaast, the building of which he had been unable to complete; Vindicianus finished it, apparently in 682, and placed it temporalities under the protection of Thierry III, who conferred numerous gifts on the monastery.
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  7. Bulmers Directory goes on to say " This monument, the inscription tells us, was erected by Valerius Vindicianus to the memory of his wife, Titia, who died at the age of 38, and of his two sons Valerius Adjutor and Variolus, who died at the ages of 20 and 15 respectively.

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