vindiciae contra tyrannos in a sentence

  1. His 1628 funeral oration for Simon Goulart is known for the hint in it that Goulart knew the author of the " Vindiciae contra tyrannos ".
  2. The Preamble was based on " Vindiciae contra tyrannos " by Philippe de Mornay, and other works of monarchomachs may have been sources of inspiration also.
  3. He is also one many consider the most likely candidate for being author of the Vindiciae contra tyrannos ( 1579 ), a pamphlet advocating resistance to the French crown.
  4. Theodore Beza produced the 1574 work " Right of Magistrates "; it was followed by the anonymous " Vindiciae contra tyrannos " ( 1579 ).
  5. Hooker's actual views on resistance theory were careful; he criticised aspects of the " Vindiciae contra tyrannos ", but avoided commenting in particular on legitimate resistance.
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  7. In 1931, van Ysselsteyn conjectured that the Huguenot tract " Vindiciae contra tyrannos " published in 1579, whose authorship is still unclear, was a collaboration between Hubert Languet and Philippe de Mornay.

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