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  1. "Vindicative and punitive boycotts, we don't list those ."
  2. You often seem mean-sprited and vindicative, and fail to assume good faith.
  3. Wikipedia is not a vindicative system.
  4. ,in his performance as Glenn recalls the ironic touch and blond gusto of vindicative hero archetype Giuliano Gemma.
  5. They even suggest that the killer was not a political enemy, of which Napoleon had scores, but the vindicative husband of one of Napoleon's lovers.
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  7. Croke's Chilton, of which he was baronet, and " through his impudent, litigious, and vindicative disposition, completely dissipated his inheritance " ( Burke ).
  8. CANBERRA ( JP ) : Various development programs, from the " vindicative " perspective of the Indonesian government, have been able to significantly ease out rural poverty for the past two decades.
  9. "This legislation is vindicative as well as ill-conceived, " says Andrea Ball, an attorney with the Alliance for Justice, a national association of public interest and civil rights groups.
  10. In 2011, after Obrafour had apologized for his actions Okyeame Kwame explained he declined Obrafour s challenge because there was no need for it at the time, as winning Artist of the Year was vindicative enough.
  11. However, they came to disagree and eventually grew estranged answering to claims that Macedonski was a vain and vindicative man, Tudor Vianu, his friend and biographer, indicated that this and other splits occurred " without coldness and the heart's versatility ".
  12. I previously accused Demiurge1000 of baiting Malleus, by ( 1 ) repeatedly referencing an apparent Latin mistake in the name of an earlier account and ( 2 ) repeatedly referring to his two RfA experiences ( in ways that a reasonable person might suspect were vindicative ).
  13. The Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift ( 1667 1745 ), in his " Discourse on the Contests and Dissentions in Athens and Rome ", criticized Augustus for installing tyranny over Rome, and likened what he believed Great Britain's virtuous constitutional monarchy to Rome's moral Republic of the 2nd century BC . In his criticism of Augustus, the admiral and historian Machiavellian ruler, " a bloodthirsty vindicative usurper ", " wicked and worthless ", " a mean spirit ", and a " tyrant ".

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