vindication in a sentence

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  1. Senteney sees Babcock's comments as vindication of his actions.
  2. Among Israel's leftists, vindication has turned to frustration.
  3. But other than personal vindication, what does it all mean?
  4. Here, in four superbly orchestrated quarters, was his vindication.
  5. "I felt some vindication, " she says.
  6. It's difficult to find vindication in a sentence.
  7. Sunday was supposed to have been the beginning of his vindication.
  8. It would be nice if some vindication comes out of this.
  9. This announcement is a vindication of the decision taken by government,
  10. Is Slade playing with Clemens-esque vindication on his mind?
  11. The reaction to the seizure in Australia was one of vindication.
  12. They got their magic, their answered prayers, their vindication.
  13. "Vindication ? " one White House adviser mused.
  14. When she was not indicted, Ms . Corradini claimed vindication.
  15. All the president's men may call it a vindication.
  16. This return to the old ways has its notes of vindication.
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