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  1. It does not appear that the action could have been barred by vindicatio, at least as to threefold.
  2. There are several constitutional limitations on the application of the " rei vindicatio " to immovable property.
  3. Nicholas rationalises this rule by reference to the vindicatio which requires the vindicator to name the subject of the vindication.
  4. The action probably developed because there was no equivalent form of action in English law to the Roman law " rei vindicatio ".
  5. "Rei vindicatio " is a legal action by which the plaintiff demands that the defendant return a thing that belongs to the plaintiff.
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  7. Lower wrote " Diatribae T . Willisii de Febribus Vindicatio ", an eight-volume defence of Dr . Willis and his doctrine of fevers.
  8. The common-law limitation of estoppel may act as a defence, or it may vary or limit the effect of the " rei vindicatio ".
  9. In the case of the bonitary owner, the Praetor provided a defence to the " vindicatio " if there had been a transfer ( improper or not ).
  10. For example, feudal law, which violated the absoluteness of dominium, was harmonised with Roman law by drawing links with the long lease, which gave rise to a vindicatio directa.
  11. Estoppel may be raised as a defence to the " rei vindicatio " only in certain circumstances; in others see below it may simply vary the effect of the action.
  12. These actions were ( i ) the " vindicatio " for the materials and ( ii ) the " actio de tigno ", which would recoup twice the value of the materials.
  13. The decision in " Mlombo v Fourie " has been criticised, accordingly, for blurring the distinction between the " rei vindicatio " and the " actio ad exhibendum ".
  14. If that immediate dis-possessor was the owner, then the case would be the same as for " vindicatio " : the bonitary owner would have a claim, but the good faith possessor would not.
  15. The procedure to be followed is set out in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act ( PIE ), which excludes the " rei vindicatio " and other common-law remedies.
  16. To deny the owner the right of " vindicatio " against the good faith possessor would run contrary to the concept of the " usucapio ", with it effectively completed before the required time had passed.
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