vindicate in a sentence

"vindicate" meaning  "vindicate" in Chinese  
  1. And it will vindicate what I have been saying all along.
  2. Anderson has been vindicated before, but so has Hanifen Imhoff.
  3. We think that we'll be fully vindicated ."
  4. It comes down to whether he gets beat up or vindicated.
  5. Better late than never : Dennis Franz was feeling rather vindicated.
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  7. The new credit marked the second time that Wilson was vindicated.
  8. The county's claims have been completely vindicated ."
  9. Cook died in 1940, vowing that time would vindicate him.
  10. Last week, Breen felt vindicated, but hardly like celebrating.
  11. And you know, I believe that posterity will vindicate me.
  12. "It helps vindicate the Reserve Bank's position.
  13. And a lot of it was vindicated by his Catholic faith.
  14. Like any human being, he would like to be vindicated.
  15. Debris observations have vindicated a number of basic theories about supernovae.
  16. I had to vindicate myself, and I was able to.
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