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  1. Vinay Garg, the Indian navy's spokesman, said.
  2. He was the son of Jean Vinay Robert and Rosa Sep鷏veda.
  3. Among his pupils was the baritone turned dramatic tenor Ramon Vinay.
  4. Ajay is the prime suspect and Vinay is handed the case.
  5. Vinay and Meera share a special bond and love each other.
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  7. Vinay Gupta has suggested that those developers agree to three principles:
  8. Dharma Teja shoots Vamsi, as he tries to murder Vinay.
  9. The ceremony was hosted by actors Vinay Pathak and Saumya Tandon.
  10. And unfortunately on self defense vinay shoots a member of tribe.
  11. His son Vinay Rajkumar made his entry to the Kannada film industry.
  12. Vinay and Neelima fall in love and want to marry.
  13. The college operates in Vinay Vilas Palace in a campus of about.
  14. Vinay Pathak and Akhilendra Mishra were chosen to play the supporting roles.
  15. The sequel featured Vinay Pathak reprising his role as the main lead.
  16. At present the Mukhia of the village is Vinay Kumar.
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