viii fighter command in a sentence

  1. During much of 1943, bomber escort for VIII Bomber Command was the primary mission for VIII Fighter Command.
  2. The VIII Fighter Command was constituted initially as " VIII Interceptor Command " at Bushey Hall, near Watford, Hertfordshire.
  3. In September 1944, the VIII Fighter Command attached its fighter wings to the Eighth Air Force's Bombardment Divisions.
  4. It was deployed to the European Theater of Operations ( ETO ), assigned to VIII Fighter Command in August 1942.
  5. VIII Fighter Command was brought under the command of the newly redesignated Eighth Air Force, while VIII Bomber Command was inactivated.
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  7. In World War II he served as commanding general of the VIII Fighter Command and, later, the First Air Force.
  8. This innovation lasted until mid-March, when VIII Fighter Command adopted a color system for all Eighth Air Force fighter groups.
  9. The squadron deployed to the European Theater of Operations, where it became part of VIII Fighter Command in England during November 1943.
  10. The squadron was reassigned to RAF Wattisham, England, April May 1944, and assigned to VIII Fighter Command, Eighth Air Force.
  11. On 15 April 1944, Operation Jackpot was initiated by VIII Fighter Command, a planned series of strafing attacks against specific German airfields.
  12. He was assigned as Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, VIII Fighter Command and was deployed to England.
  13. Pilots trained were then assigned to both VIII Fighter Command and IX Fighter Command after completion of training for subsequent assignment to units as needed.
  14. During the war the facility was the headquarters for the United States Army Air Forces Eighth Air Force VIII Fighter Command ( 1942 45 ).
  15. The United States Army Air Forces used RAF Bovingdon as a training station, while the US VIII Fighter Command Headquarters was based RAF Bushey Hall.
  16. On 7 October 1943, the group boarded transports in NY Harbor, arriving in England on 19 October, being assigned to VIII Fighter Command.
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