viii corps in a sentence

  1. As VIII Corps and the cavalry turned the Confederate left flank.
  2. On 4 May, Vandamme and his VIII Corps reached Linz.
  3. The VIII Corps moved into the Province of Le髇 in February.
  4. VIII Corps consisted ( from north to south ) of 29th Divisions.
  5. VIII Corps took an exceptionally prescriptive approach to planning the Somme attack.
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  7. The VIII Corps stood behind the VI Corps in reserve.
  8. Marshall also told Middleton that VIII Corps was being ticketed for Japan.
  9. He commanded the VIII Corps at Coblenz until his death in 1880.
  10. Vandamme's W黵ttemberg VIII Corps marched in the vicinity of Riedau.
  11. Attached to Kenley's Independent Brigade, VIII Corps.
  12. Kenly's Independent Brigade, VIII Corps, to August 1864.
  13. Attached to Railroad Brigade, VIII Corps, Middle Department.
  14. The emperor formed a new VIII Corps under Cavalry Corps.
  15. VIII Corps was not engaged during the Battle of Bussaco.
  16. Bittrich called off further offensive action against VIII Corps.
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