viii century in a sentence

  1. Localization in VI-VIII centuries on the territory of Ural from other groups arose Karayakupovo culture.
  2. Archaeologists have found that the studied tribes at an early stage ( in VI-VIII centuries ) were buried under mounds, the heads to north.
  3. During the archaeological excavations in Sardinia have been discovered more than 500 of these bronzes, mainly in places of worship such as Etruscan tombs of the IX-VIII century BC.
  4. To the end of VII-VIII centuries, probably be more correct to speak about Ashide as one of the tribes of the khaganate, which together with Ashina was the main military and political support of Turkic dynasty.
  5. This discovery is important to study the history of eastern Turkic tribes and Aimags, some tribes such as Tatar that spoke in Mongolian language, and the Tatar tribe that resided in eastern Mongolian regions during the first half of the VIII century.
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