viii brigade in a sentence

  1. By October 1919, the battery had joined the newly reformed VIII Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery.
  2. P and R Batteries were transferred to VIII Brigade and the brigade ceased to exist by October 1919.
  3. The VIII Brigade of the Royal Flying Corps was created on 28 December 1917 by raising the C . L . N . Newall.
  4. Although the VIII Brigade had been established in December 1917 it did not exercise command authority until 1 February 1918, when Newall took command.
  5. VIII Brigade, RHA was formed on 1 March 1901 as the "'XIV Brigade-Division, RHA "'with Woolwich.
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  7. VII Brigade, RHA was formed on 1 March 1901 as the "'VIII Brigade-Division, RHA "'with L Battery.
  8. Trenchard took over tactical command of the VIII Brigade from Haig on 5 June 1918 and complete control on 15 June 1918 when Newall became the deputy commander of the Independent Force.
  9. With the British Government seeking to expand the bombing raids against Germany, the VIII Brigade itself was subsumed into a larger formation, becoming part of the Independent Air Force on 6 June 1918.
  10. No 41 Wing was split into two wings to form VIII Brigade and comprised Nos 55, 99 and 104 Squadrons responsible for day-bombing, with the 83rd Wing consisted of two night-bombing squadrons, ( No 100 and No 216 ).
  11. After Parliamentary approval in November 1917, the Royal Air Force was born on 1 April 1918, and the forthcoming creation of the Independent Air Force was announced on 13 May 1918 with its General Officer Commanding Major-General Cyril Newall who had previously been the commander of the VIII Brigade.

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