viii army corps in a sentence

  1. After leaving this position in 1884, he was given command of the VIII Army Corps.
  2. In 1897 Baldissera returned to Italy and resumed his duties in the home army, successively commanding the VII and VIII Army Corps.
  3. The VIII Army Corps only had an understanding of the need to introduce weapons of the same calibre and train in joint manoeuvres.
  4. Units of the VIII Army Corps of the German Confederation stormed the town of Freiburg im Breisgau, which was occupied by republican volunteers ( " Freisch鋜lern " ).
  5. On 26 April the commander of the VIII Army Corps of the German Confederation, Prince Frederick of W黵ttemberg entered in Freiburg and held a parade of his troops on 28 April.
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  7. In subsequent years, he was transferred several times : from the 40th Fusiliers to the Army General Staff, then to the General Staff of the VIII Army Corps ( Koblenz ).
  8. "' Walter Heitz "'( 8 December 1878  9 February 1944 ) was a German general ( Generaloberst ) in the Wehrmacht during World War II . He commanded the VIII Army Corps on the Eastern Front.
  9. A statue by Christian Daniel Rauch was erected in Berlin in 1855, and in memory of the siege of 1807, the Kolberg grenadier regiment received his name in 1889 . One of his sons led a brigade of the VIII Army Corps in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870.

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