viii air support command in a sentence

  1. VIII Air Support Command engaged in training, with one reconnaissance and one troop carrier group assigned, until July 1943.
  2. In the United Kingdom, the Marauder formed the basis of the medium bomber forces of the VIII Air Support Command.
  3. Headquarters, VIII Air Support Command noted that Starkey planners had difficulty agreeing on the rules of engagement for targets in occupied France.
  4. On 16 October 1943, the B-26 Marauder units were reassigned to IX Bomber Command, leaving VIII Air Support Command without any operational units.
  5. VIII Bomber Command was redesignated as Eighth Air Force, with VIII Fighter and VIII Air Support Commands being brought under the command of the redesignated Eighth Air Force.
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  7. Along with other Marauder units of the 3d Wing, the 323d transferred to Ninth Air Force in October 1943, which moved from Egypt to absorb the resources of VIII Air Support Command.
  8. In June 1943, the group and all other Eighth Air Force B-26 units became part of VIII Air Support Command and relocated south to bring them closer to the continent of Europe and the area in which it was planned to establish an American tactical Air force.
  9. The unit was temporarily assigned to the VIII Air Support Command for training at Ramsbury, and conducted an extensive training program while flying cargo, passengers, and courier missions for several months, before leaving with paratroopers for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa on 9 November 1942, being deployed to Blida Airfield, Algeria.
  10. After intensive training for the Atlantic crossing, the redesignated 62d Troop Carrier Group ( TCG ), now composed of the 4th, 7th, 8th, and 51st Troop Carrier Squadrons, arrived at its temporary home, Keevil, England, on 3 October 1942 ( their support personnel followed, arriving in country via the luxury ocean liner Queen Elizabeth ) and assigned to VIII Air Support Command for further training.

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