vienna boys choir in a sentence

  1. I heard a little concert by members of the Vienna Boys Choir.
  2. violinist Itzhak Perlman, singer Fredrica Von Stade, the Vienna Boys Choir
  3. Cookies and milk for the entire Vienna Boys Choir?
  4. On RCA Gold Seal 68150, the Vienna Boys Choir does the honors.
  5. As a child he sang with the Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Mozart Boys Choir.
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  7. The Vienna Boys Choir, the most prestigious name in the field, was founded in 1496.
  8. In that time, guest performers included the Vienna Boys Choir, Ben Vereen, and Marian McPartland.
  9. Also, Vienna Boys Choir is a boarding school, where the boys live together and rehearse every day.
  10. After less than two years on the job, the first woman conductor of the Vienna Boys Choir is gone.
  11. The child actors were actual members of the Vienna Boys Choir who perform several traditional Austrian songs throughout the motion picture.
  12. The trouble with Mrs . Grossmann is at some point she began to believe that she personally was the Vienna Boys Choir,
  13. Gilman is high-pitch perfect, sounding more like a solo act sprung from the Vienna Boys Choir than a Nashville prodigy.
  14. The Vienna Boys Choir has an even longer history, dating back to 1498, while the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is also renowned.
  15. The Vienna Boys Choir is a private organisation, and the complaints of abuse were made against teachers and older choristers, not priests.
  16. The other two are taking in a Vienna Boys Choir concert and eating Sachertorte, a kind of chocolate cake, at the Sacher Hotel.
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