vienna art orchestra in a sentence

  1. She took part in different projects of the Vienna Art Orchestra from 1988 until 1995.
  2. The Vienna Art Orchestra has performed more than 800 concerts and released more than 35 recordings.
  3. The duo formed the core of an ensemble that in 1977 became the Vienna Art Orchestra.
  4. The "'Vienna Art Orchestra "'was a European jazz group based in Vienna, Austria.
  5. On July 10, 2010, Mathias R黣gg announced that the Vienna Art Orchestra had been disbanded for financial reasons.
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  7. Examples include the Vienna Art Orchestra, founded in 1977, and the Italian Instabile Orchestra, active in the 1990s.
  8. The film " An Echo from Europe : Vienna Art Orchestra on Tour " by Othmar Schmiderer was released in 1998.
  9. He played with the Vienna Art Orchestra, with the Zipflo Weinrich Group and gave concerts with various other ensembles all over Europe.
  10. After graduating from Berklee, she toured with the Vienna Art Orchestra and taught at the Bruckner Conservatory in Austria when she was 25.
  11. R黣gg has composed hundreds of pieces for the Vienna Art Orchestra, other European big bands, and classical orchestras, as well as theatre music and film music.
  12. Georgi was invited in 2005 as a permanent member of Vienna Art Orchestra, conducted by Matthias R黣gg and also in the sextet of Jean-Marie Machado " Andalucia ".
  13. He was part of big bands like " Nouvelle Cuisine ", the " Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra ", the " Jazz Big Band Graz " and the Vienna Art Orchestra.
  14. The only occurrence I can find of that string in Wikipedia is the unrelated " Tango from Obango " in Vienna Art Orchestra . talk ) 13 : 34, 23 October 2012 ( UTC)
  15. "' Mathias R黣gg "'( born 8 December 1952 in Zurich ) is a European musician, composer, and bandleader best known as founder and director of the Vienna Art Orchestra from 1977 to 2010.
  16. He also played with a series of famous jazz musicians, like Benny Goodman, Dave Holland, Enrico Rava, Wolfgang Puschnig, Steve Swallow, Jack DeJohnette, and Michel Portal, as well as the Vienna Art Orchestra.
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