vienna arbitrations in a sentence

  1. Fico added " Historians compare what is happening today in Serbia with what happened at Vienna arbitration ".
  2. The award is traditionally presented by Dr . Melis himself during the awards banquet concluding each Vienna Arbitration Moot.
  3. Donath also said that should CME win the Vienna arbitration, it would return US $ 203 million to the Czech government.
  4. During the deliberations, Ralea voted in favor of Argetoianu's proposal : withdrawing from the region and mobilizing the army on the Vienna arbitration stripped her of Northern Transylvania.
  5. The Seminary experienced a difficult time following the First Vienna Award in 1938, which was the result of the First Vienna Arbitration, a direct consequence of the Munich Agreement, which separated Koaice and its surroundings from CzechoSlovakia and gave it to Hungary.
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  7. Teaching was supposed to start in the academic year 1938 / 39, but the pre-war events following the Vienna Arbitration caused the college to be moved first to Preaov, then to Martin and finally to Bratislava, where it remained and later formed the basis for the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.
  8. On November 8, 1938, after the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia had lost some 1 / 3 of its territory to Hungary through the First Vienna Award ( Vienna Arbitration ), the Slovak branches of all parties except the Social Democrats merged with the HSLS and formed the Hlinka Slovak People's Party  Party of Slovak National Unity ( HS = S-SSNJ ).

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