victoria law in a sentence

  1. Construction of the Victoria Law Courts were built on Corporation Street.
  2. Victoria Law Institute council member David Faram told Australian Broadcasting Corp . Radio.
  3. McPhee attended the University of Victoria law school and Thompson Rivers University social work school.
  4. A second is Andrew Petter, forests minister and a former University of Victoria law professor.
  5. She has been a visiting professor at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria law schools.
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  7. In December 2003 he appeared at Victoria Law School as Ned Kelly in the dramatisation of his play " An Irish Tragedy ".
  8. Formal classes commenced on 15 August 1844 in the Old Colony House ( situated in the compound of what is now the Guyana High Courts, previously known as the Victoria Law Courts ).
  9. John McLaren, a University of Victoria law school professor who is writing a book on the Doukhobors in Canada, said the internment was " an exercise in social engineering by the province ."
  10. The station sits on a plot of land at the rear of the former Victoria Law Courts ( now a magistrates'court ), which was originally acquired for the extension of the court building.
  11. In 1875 he founded the firm of builders, John Bowen and Sons, in Birmingham, which was subsequently responsible for several notable buildings, not least Victoria Law Courts, and several others, on Corporation Street in that city.
  12. The visual arts committee has included Amy Westpfahl, Victoria Law, Steven Englander, Mike Estabrook, Vandana Jain, Julie Hair, Alan W . Moore, Brian George, Kelly Savage, Michael Cataldi, Joyce Manalo, and many others.
  13. In 2013 the company was involved in a legal dispute with the government of Victoria over whether it had breached a Victoria state law prohibiting bonuses for joining a betting site, or whether being based in Northern Territory the Victoria law did not apply.
  14. In 2009, PM releases included a documentary history of the Red Army Faction, a documentary on the 1970s British anarchist urban guerrillas The Angry Brigade, a history of the struggles of incarcerated women in the United States written by Victoria Law, and " My Baby Rides the Short Bus ", an anthology of personal essays and stories about raising children with disabilities.

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