victoria lautman in a sentence

  1. Victoria Lautman is a commentator in Chicago s world of arts, culture, and the humanities.
  2. Tattoos were visible on his back and behind his knee, says Victoria Lautman, in her book " The New Tattoo ."
  3. In 2004, Lautman created Chicago's premier author-interview series, " Writers on the Record with Victoria Lautman, " a free, hour-long interview taped each month before a live audience and which aired for six years on 98.7WFMT radio.
  4. As founder, host, and executive-producer of Writers on the Record with Victoria Lautman, Victoria created a popular author-interview series, which is also a three-pronged, multi-media brand unique to Chicago, comprising a monthly column in Chicago magazine, a free, audience-attended interview at the Lookingglass Theatre, and a simultaneous broadcast on 98.7WFMT Radio.
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