victoria lane in a sentence

  1. The new building is located at the original school site in Victoria Lane.
  2. Around 1883 Thomas Thorp established an engineering business in Victoria Lane, complete with an astronomical observatory on its roof for his own use.
  3. After a time Cruz and Eden were briefly reunited, until their love was tested, once again, by another blast from Cruz's past, Victoria Lane.
  4. Kristen received death threats from fans over the way she played Victoria Lane, and she knew that she was not popular with Eden and Cruz fans, so Kristen left Santa Barbara in 1989.
  5. "' Victoria Lane "'( formerly "'Capwell "') is a fictional character from the American actress Kristen Meadows from September 1, 1986 to January 23, 1989.
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  7. "' Kristen Meadows "'( born January 7, 1957 ) is an actress who has appeared in such daytime TV soap operas as " One Life to Live " as Mimi King and " Santa Barbara " as Victoria Lane.
  8. In between stints, she played Victoria Lane's mother, Janet, on " Santa Barbara " and businesswoman Adelaide Fitzgibbons ( who was romantically involved with the much younger Kirk Anderson ( Tom Wiggin ) on " As the World Turns " ).

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