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  1. He would not touch the coast of Victoria Land at all.
  2. Early explorers of Victoria Land include James Clark Ross and Douglas Mawson.
  3. It is widespread on Ross Island and Southern Victoria Land.
  4. It flows north into lower Mariner Glacier, Victoria Land.
  5. Evans N関? Victoria Land, is named in honor of Edgar Evans.
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  7. Robertson Land, Wilkes Land, and Victoria Land.
  8. It stands west of Spike Cape, Victoria Land.
  9. It is long and and is located SE of Cape Jones, Victoria Land.
  10. Freyberg Mountains Quadrangle, ( Victoria Land ).
  11. Mount Melbourne Quadrangle, ( Victoria Land ).
  12. This is the reason behind the glacier being called Mount Forde in the Victoria Land.
  13. The major topographical feature lies situated within the Pennell Coast region of Victoria Land, Antarctica.
  14. The feature is long and rises to between Palais Glacier and Waddington Glacier in Victoria Land.
  15. It was discovered by the U . S . Victoria Land Traverse Party, 1959-60.
  16. The other went over Oates Land and northern Victoria Land to Cape Washington in the Ross Dependency.
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