victoria l in a sentence

  1. In 1990, Victoria L . Harrison was selected as chief of police.
  2. Victoria L . Radd, who has been deputy White House communications director, will be Bowles'chief of staff.
  3. Eight years earlier ( May 20, 1978 ), Wyly married Victoria L ( Torie ) Steele ( born 1955 ).
  4. "The industry was too optimistic last year, " said Victoria L . Hallstrom, the cruise analyst for Lehman Brothers.
  5. Victoria L . Weiss is vice president for University Relations at Atlanta's Oglethorpe University, where she was professor of medieval literature for 20 years before becoming an administrator.
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  7. He and Boston College professor Dr . Victoria L . Crittenden co-authored a paper entitled " Line Logic on the Bow Tie " for the Journal of Product and Brand Management ( 2006 ).
  8. "Universities and campuses are not enclaves that are immune to these kind of things, " said Chief Victoria L . Harrison of the university police deparment, which has more than 80 members.
  9. "Some folks say an order of protection will just tick him off more and put her in more danger, " said Victoria L . Lutz, director of the battered women's justice center at Pace University School of Law and a former country prosecutor.
  10. He is survived by two daughters, Victoria L . Zobel of Bloomington, Minn ., and Kay D . Rose of Woodbury, Minn .; two sisters, Esther Carpenter of Wyoming, Mich ., and Anna Burgess of Bristol, Wis .; and three grandchildren.
  11. "It's really unfortunate when we're phrasing questions around women, rather then why are we dismissing so many cases, why we aren't developing systems that aren't impotent ? " asked Victoria L . Lutz, director of the Battered Women's Justice Center at Pace Law School.
  12. "If these people are forced into managed care plans it may well result in significant morbidity or mortality because we don't have the proper services in place, " said Dr . Victoria L . Sharp, medical director of The Spellman Center for HIV-Related Diseases at St . Clare's Hospital in Manhattan.
  13. "We're told we have all the makings of a tremendous lawsuit if the decision is not in our favor, " said Victoria L . Jenkins, an executive with Mills Corp ., an Arlington, Va .-based developer that is awaiting federal permits to begin work on a $ 1 billion mall called Meadowlands Mills.

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