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  1. From 1947 to 1979, the first 40 albums were a collaboration between writer Jean-Michel Charlier and artist Victor Hubinon.
  2. World Press Syndicate was a Belgian syndicate, based on the model of American syndicates like King Features Syndicate, and its main authors were writer Charlier and artist Victor Hubinon.
  3. In 1946 and 1947, the team was joined by some of the main contributors to " Spirou " for the next decades, including Victor Hubinon, Jean-Michel Charlier and Eddy Paape.
  4. This Belgian agency provided " Spirou " magazine with comics, and employed at that time several authors of comics series including Jean Graton, Eddy Paape, Jij? Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier.
  5. "' Pilots Demobilized "'( " Les Aviateurs D閙obilis閟 " ) is the third story arc in the Franco-Belgian Buck Danny comic book series, by Jean-Michel Charlier and Victor Hubinon.
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  7. Their place was taken by Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier ( " Buck Danny " ), Maurice Tillieux ( " Gil Jourdan " ), Eddy Paape, The Smurfs " became international bestsellers.
  8. After the war, he handed over his existing series'to younger artists : Andr?Franquin got " Spirou et Fantasio ", Eddy Paape " Jean Valhardi " and Victor Hubinon " Blondin et Cirage ".
  9. Two years is an incredibly short span to draw two 40-page albums and so, although officially the series was owned by Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier, everyone at'World Press'contributed to the albums in various degrees.
  10. Although Charlier came up with two popular series, " Tanguy et Laverdure " with Albert Uderzo and " Barbe-Rouge " ( " Redbeard " ) with Victor Hubinon, it was Goscinny and Uderzo s " Ast閞ix le Gaulois " which was the biggest hit and the magazine s initial mainstay.
  11. The three " Nuclear Alert " novels were the first in " Buck Danny " not to have been drawn by Victor Hubinon because of the artist's death in 1979 . Instead, Charlier chose younger artist, who was himself a longtime fan of " Buck Danny " as well as a former military pilot, to work with him.

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