victor houteff in a sentence

  1. Original Davidians adhere to the original message as it was presented under Victor Houteff.
  2. A washing machine salesman called Victor Houteff led a breakaway called the Davidian Seventh Day Adventists.
  3. Victor Houteff continued to publish additional volumes of his prophetic writings until his death in 1955.
  4. There are various publishing houses throughout the country that publish the original writings of Victor Houteff.
  5. He promoted different doctrinal beliefs than Victor Houteff's original Davidian Seventh-day Adventist organization.
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  7. Some of the Mountaindale Davidians came to believe that Victor Houteff never wanted to abandon Old Mt.
  8. The sect was born in 1934, when a disgruntled Seventh-Day Adventist named Victor Houteff split with the church over biblical interpretations.
  9. The founder of the Davidian movement, Victor Houteff, wanted to be God's implement and establish the Davidic kingdom in Palestine.
  10. Victor Houteff held similar views as Ellen White in not directly calling himself a prophet, preferring to call his work a call for reformation.
  11. Mrs . Houteff's claims, assertions, challenges and subsequent false predictions are entirely separate from and contrary to Victor Houteff's teachings.
  12. Roden had studied under Victor Houteff but upon the death of Houteff in 1955, he formed his own group with new teachings that were not connected with the original Davidians.
  13. The doctrinal beliefs differ on such teachings as the Holy Spirit and His nature, the feast days and requirements, and who had the prophetic office since Victor Houteff's death.
  14. The exact numbers of Davidian Seventh-day Adventist adherents is not known, however, they can trace their origin to the 1961 group who reorganized in California subsequent to the death of Victor Houteff.
  15. Shortly after rebuffing Roden's quest for leadership Florence Houteff published a prediction that the forty-two month period of Revelation 11 : 3 6 began in November 1955 and would terminate on April 22, 1959 . This prediction has been falsely attributed to Victor Houteff but no statement from Houteff s writings has ever been produced supporting this interpretation.
  16. These publications contain, but are not limited to, no fewer than 15 numbered tracts, five volumes of " The Answerer " ( questions submitted to his office from believers and non-believers of his message ), two volumes of " Timely Greetings ", ( Volume 1 containing 52 books and Volume 2 containing 46 books ), a series of usually monthly publications entitled " The Symbolic Code " containing many of Victor Houteff's Sabbath sermons given after believers in both " the Spirit of Prophecy " ( Ellen White ) and Davidian messages were disfellowshipped and chose to have private worship rather than begin a new church denomination.

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