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  1. Not Victor Horta in Brussels; not Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow.
  2. The Maison Autrique was the first town house built by Victor Horta.
  3. He started in Victor Horta's bureau when he was 18 years old.
  4. These characteristics were to be developed and magnified by Victor Horta and his disciples.
  5. The architect of the building was Richard Pringiers, a student of Victor Horta.
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  7. In the year 1912 Victor Horta had made changes to the organisation of this school.
  8. Brussels is the birthplace of Art Nouveau architecture, spearheaded by Victor Horta and his contemporaries.
  9. Other bank notes in the series include Art Deco architect Victor Horta and painter James Ensor.
  10. Victor Horta's legacy of twisted elegance too often has been turned into twisted scrap.
  11. Van Cutsem hired Victor Horta, a famous architect, to remodel and extend the building.
  12. Although classical in appearance, the building shows the first steps of the young Victor Horta towards Art Nouveau.
  13. The style first appeared in Brussels the Hotel Tassel ( 1894 ) and Hotel Solvay ( 1900 ) of Victor Horta.
  14. The station is named for Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta, who designed a number of significant buildings in the area.
  15. The museum will also attract admirers of its designer, the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta known for his interiors and furniture.
  16. In the meantime, he devoted himself to saving another building, the former Magasins Waucquez, work of the Belgian architect Victor Horta.
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