victor horsley in a sentence

  1. He was a colleague of famed surgeon Victor Horsley ( 1857 1916 ).
  2. Victor Horsley was a champion of many causes.
  3. The British Medical Association has a series of lunchtime lectures at its Annual Representatives Meeting entitled The Victor Horsley Lectures.
  4. "' Victor Horsley Hume Riddell "'( 23 July 1905  9 August 1976 ) was an English cricketer.
  5. In 1891 Sir Victor Horsley proposed the first open surgical procedure for the disorder involving the sectioning of preganglionic rootlets of the trigeminal nerve.
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  7. Sir Victor Horsley ( born 1857 ), became famous as a surgeon and neuropathologist, and a prominent supporter of the cause of experimental research.
  8. Graves at Amara include the surgeon Sir Victor Horsley, and Victoria Cross recipients Sidney William Ware, Edgar Christopher Cookson, and Edward Elers Delaval Henderson.
  9. He subsequently spent three more years in Vienna, Berlin and London, where he studied under Sir Victor Horsley and he wrote a treatise about the thalamus.
  10. The Walton Centre for Neurology & Neurosurgery NHS Trust in Liverpool, England, another leading Neurosurgical Hospital dedicated their Intensive Care Unit to Sir Victor Horsley and is called the Horsley ward.
  11. Burckhardt attended the Berlin Medical Conference of 1889, which was also attended by such heavyweight psychiatrists as Victor Horsley, Valentin Magnan and Emil Kraepelin, and presented a paper on his brain operations.
  12. Horsley was the first neurosurgeon appointed to the hospital in Queen Square, London, now called the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery  the Victor Horsley Department of Neurosurgery is named in his honour.
  13. In 1893 he was invited by Victor Horsley at University College to establish the first department of pathological chemistry in England; in 1896, on Horsley's retirement he was appointed to the professorship.
  14. Appointed in 1886 as secretary to a governmental commission formed to study the anti-rabies vaccine developed by Louis Pasteur, Sir Victor Horsley corroborated his results and created a campaign to vaccine against rabies in the United Kingdom.
  15. With his brother-in-law, Victor Horsley ( 1857 1916 ), he performed research involving localization of brain function via electrical stimulation of the cortex, and also demonstrated that the mammalian brain was capable of producing electric current.
  16. The stereotactic method is the product of Robert Clarke, an engineer, physiologist and surgeon, who, together with neurosurgeon Victor Horsley, devised an instrument for simulating and making lesions at exact locations within the brains of experimental animals : the Horsley Clarke apparatus.
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