victor hobson in a sentence

  1. The defense will be led by linebackers Larry Foote and Victor Hobson.
  2. New York Jets, Victor Hobson, lb, Michigan.
  3. Tuman was released by the Cardinals on December 24 after the team signed linebacker Victor Hobson.
  4. Victor Hobson, the Jets'second-round pick last year, will start on the strong side.
  5. Victor Hobson, the senior outside linebacker : " It's a big game both teams want to win.
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  7. But on a deep handoff from Bellisari, Wells ran into linebackers Victor Hobson and Larry Foote and noseguard Eric Wilson.
  8. Linebacker Victor Hobson, a 2003 second-round draft pick out of Michigan, is expected to start at strongside linebacker.
  9. The rookie Victor Hobson, who has been sharing time with Lewis, will probably receive more work and will start if Lewis is out.
  10. On the pivotal play, Victor Hobson stripped the ball, Larry Foote dove to keep it inbounds and Eric Wilson pounced on the football.
  11. On Friday, Abraham ran to his right, pitched the ball to safety Erik Coleman, who, in turn, flipped it linebacker Victor Hobson.
  12. The Jets'revamped linebacker corps of Eric Barton, Jonathan Vilma and Victor Hobson is turning opponents'running attacks into something that resembles plodding by committee.
  13. On the pivotal play, Michigan's Victor Hobson stripped the ball, Larry Foote dove to keep it inbounds and Eric Wilson pounced on the football.
  14. Michigan's Anthony Thomas ran for 175 yards and two touchdowns, but a play made by Victor Hobson, Larry Foote and Eric Wilson was what really won the game.
  15. Freshman cornerback-turned-receiver Vernell Brown took the ball on a reverse and, under heavy pressure, lobbed a poor that was intercepted by Victor Hobson to seal the victory.
  16. In the second half, the Bills fell behind as LB Victor Hobson returned a Buffalo fumble 32 yards for a touchdown, which would be the only score of the third quarter.
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