victor hirtzler in a sentence

  1. Part of the fame of the St . Francis was because of its legendary chef, Victor Hirtzler.
  2. In the 1890s, this chowder was called " Fulton Fish Market clam chowder " and " New York City clam chowder . " Manhattan clam chowder was referenced in Victor Hirtzler's " Hotel St . Francis Cookbook " ( 1919 ).
  3. "' Victor Hirtzler "'( ca . 1875, Strasbourg  February 9, 1931, Strasbourg ) was a French chef who was head chef of San Francisco, California's St . Francis Hotel from its opening in 1904 until 1926.
  4. Leaf through the " Hotel St . Francis Cook Book " ( published in 1919 ), in which Victor Hirtzler, San Francisco's first celebrity chef, gives a year's worth of his menus, and you'll find savory egg-cream dishes almost daily at lunch or dinner _ or both.
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