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  1. In search of pioneering research, Rossi turned his attention to cosmic rays, which had been discovered by Victor Hess in manned balloon flights in 1911 and 1912.
  2. Tyson then proceeds to describe the discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess through high-altitude balloon trips, where radiation increased the farther one was from the surface.
  3. The same year Victor Hess's discovery of cosmic rays, highly energetic charged particles that rain onto the Earth from space, led others to speculate whether they also pervaded interstellar space.
  4. Cosmic ray radiations striking the Earth from outer space were finally definitively recognized and proven to exist in 1912, as the scientist Victor Hess carried an electrometer to various altitudes in a free balloon flight.
  5. He graduated from Fordham in 1947 and received a master's degree in physics from Columbia University in 1949 . He returned to Fordham under the mentorship of Austrian physicist and Nobel laureate Victor Hess, the discoverer of cosmic rays, where he taught for ten years.
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  7. In 1954, Victor Hess used the station to conduct experiments on the nature of cosmic rays, the discovery of which he won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics for; Hess's experiments at the station involved measuring the Dyckman Street, is just above ground level.
  8. The Academy is also a learned society, and its past members have included Christian Doppler, Theodor Billroth, Anton Eiselsberg, Eduard Suess, Ludwig Boltzmann, Paul Kretschmer, Hans Horst Meyer, Roland Scholl, Julius von Schlosser and the Nobel Prize winners Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Victor Hess, Erwin Schr鰀inger and Konrad Lorenz.

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